About us

Five  Star products have been used on major projects in Australia & Asia  Pacific for well over 10 years. Traditionally our materials were  supplied through Licensees in the territory, but increased demand for  our products and a vibrant market led to establishing Five Star  Construction Products Pty. Ltd. in late 2016. Five Star Construction  Products Pty. Ltd. continues to bring the high quality and performance  of Five Star® Products to Australia and the Asia-Pacific. 

Consistency,  reliability, and repeatability in product quality make Five Star®  successful with its customers in the global arena. The growing worldwide  demand for precision machinery grouting, concrete repair and  rehabilitation, and waterproofing products continues to increase as  populations grow. The Five Star® global network assures a broad  international presence. The customer advantages are hands-on assistance  for international project specifications, on-site technical support and  product availability to all points overseas.  

Five  Star® provides products and technical support to many of the most  demanding industries throughout the world, including power generation,  petrochemical, oil and gas production and transmission, pulp and paper,  mining and metals, heavy industry and infrastructure. Five Star®  customers benefit from our dedicated engineering and technical support  teams. We believe the importance of technical expertise is of the  greatest value to customers. Five Star® also understands the vital  importance of fostering creative know-how to assure innovative solutions  across our spectrum of products. As a result, Five Star® machinery  grouts and concrete repair products have been used in some of the  world’s most recognizable and prominent projects.