Infrastructure Repair Products


Centri-Cast Pipe Repair Mortar with Microban

Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar w/Microban® Technology is a high-performance cementitious mortar designed for the trenchless renewal of underground pipes without disturbing the pipe. It is a single component, fibre-reinforced hydraulic repair material. Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar provides sealing, rehabilitation and corrosion protection of existing underground metal and concrete pipes and is a quick and economical pipe repair solution that creates a dense and highly impermeable repair coating. For added protection and extended mortar life, Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar w/Microban® Technology is infused with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits deterioration caused by MIC (microbiologically induced corrosion).


  • Trenchless repair of underground pipes
  • Pipe rehabilitation, repair and protection
  • New pipe corrosion protection

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Highway Patch

Five Star® Highway Patch is a one component, fast-setting hydraulic cement material ideal for horizontal repairs of concrete in traffic areas. Five Star® Highway Patch provides resistance to oil, grease, gasoline, salts and other chemicals found in the transportation environment.


  • Highways and bridges
  • Parking decks and ramps
  • Airport runways and taxiways
  • Expansion joint rebuild
  • Dowel bar retrofit
  • Cold weather repairs

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Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix

Five Star® Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix is a self-levelling, low viscosity, two-part liquid polyurethane-hybrid polymer. When supplemented with its proprietary blended aggregate, this product is used to repair and rehabilitate concrete and asphaltic concrete pavements. The enhanced polymer is high performance, rapid-setting, and can be used to make an impact and traffic resistant polymer concrete that can be used at temperatures down to -18°C. Within minutes of placement, durable, long-lasting repairs are able to handle vibration, heavy traffic, and thermal movement.


  • Expansion joint and bridge header reconstruction
  • Control joint filler
  • Repair cracks, potholes, spalls
  • Resurface runways, walkways, floors, and parking lots

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