Cementitious Grouts


Five Star® Cement Grouts meet or exceed industry specification requirements CRD-621 and ASTM C 1107. Combined with precision non-shrink performance and the highest commercially available Effective Bearing Area (EBA), Five Star® Cement Grouts ensure the most consistent and highest level of performance across a wide range of temperatures and job site conditions.

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Epoxy Grouts


Five Star® Epoxy Grouts provide industry-leading performance with 95% Effective Bearing Area and 0.00% shrinkage when tested in accordance with ASTM C 827. Ultra-low creep, superior compressive strengths, and high chemical, impact, and vibration resistance all characterize Five Star® Epoxy Grouts allowing them to provide the performance you need where it matters most.

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Concrete Repair Products

Five Star Structural Concrete Repair

Five Star Products continues to provide industry-leading and innovative solutions to the many challenges associated with structural concrete repair and restoration applications. Five Star Products offers a full line of products where permanent bond, dimensional stability, high early compressive strengths, durability and ease of use are required.

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Infrastructure Repair Products for Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation


Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar is a fiber-reinforced hydraulic repair material that provides a structural repair by creating a new, continuous, cementitious pipe within an existing, properly designed and installed culvert. Make repairs to existing underground metal and concrete pipes without removing them.  

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Infrastructure Repair Products for Roadways and Concrete Surfaces


Five Star® rapid setting infrastructure repair products can be used to make a resilient polymer concrete. Within minutes of placement, durable, long-lasting repairs are able to handle vibration, heavy traffic, and thermal movement. 

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Waterproofing Products

Five Star Waterproofing

Five Star® offers waterproofing products that can be used to stop active leaks in existing concrete, mortar, brick and stone surfaces, and high-performance coatings that create a rigid waterproof barrier.

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